Martin Luther King Day of Service Announcement

Posted by Detroit Public Schools on Detroit Public Schools Site on 01/08/2013

This year’s Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday will be a busy day across Detroit, including the major 4th Annual Legacy March at King High School, and the opening of doors at several dozen DPS elementary, middle and high schools as a new opportunity to provide the schools’ decades of graduating classes an engaging way to return to their alma maters to support current students. “We know that our alumni, hundreds of thousands strong, are DPS’ largest and potentially most powerful support base,” said Emergency Financial Manager Roy S. Roberts. “I am very pleased that schools have identified projects for DPS alumni, community members and other volunteers to assist with, in hopes of creating long-term relationships for the benefit of our schools. This will be the start of significantly more robust outreach to alumni than DPS has ever known.” The projects will engage volunteers in a two- to three-hour morning activity such as school beautification, as well as enrichment, or any other support that the school might need. Volunteers across DPS schools will receive breakfast and lunch as part of their volunteer day.


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