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Posted by iDashboards on iDashboards Site on 02/20/2012


1. Know what data you have and what the data means - You hear a blurb in the office - "We have a problem, we are down 3%!" Many of us would then ask "Why?" and "What should we do?" Our natural response is to try and fix things. The reality of the situation is that a single number like "3%" rarely tells the whole story. If we are going to be data-driven organizations, we have to understand what the data really tells us.

2. Give your data more meaning – the problems that are addressed in Non-Profit are not simple. To understand what your data means, especially as it relates to the impact we are trying to make, you must contextualize the data with outside sources.

3. Make your data tell stories – we have to get better at visualizing our data in compelling ways.

4. Share your data – when groups collaborate to share data, we gain a much clearer picture of what communities need – and IF those needs are being met.


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