WHY is understanding your data important?

Posted by iDashboards on Peoplemovers Site on 02/03/2012


A while back I posted a link (included here) to our latest recorded webinar - Create a Holistic View of Your Data.

It occurred to me - WHY is understanding data important? A "friend" of mine posed it in another way - why is it important and why there the need for evaluation and review of data on a regular basis? GREAT QUESTION.

So, here we go -

We are obsessed with data — big data, open data, linked data, personal data, government data, visualized data. And rightly so. Data carries enormous potential. It's important that we don't confuse "data" for "information" - it is only the raw material of information.

There are four ways organizations can increase the impact on their data:

1. Know what data you have and what it means.

2. Give your data more meaning.

3. Make your data tell stories.

4. Share your data.

Wouldn’t you like to know at a glance how much and how often donors gave? How many customers were gained or lost and WHY? What will happen to my profit if the cost in one of my parts increases? Organizations need to use their data to understand their own work better.

iDashboards is a current leader in the Dashboard Software space, and has been for over 10 years, with over 3,000 installations worldwide. As the data visualization leader, our value is simple and proven:

· Enterprise class

· Quick implementation

· Low cost of ownership

· High user adoption, ease of use

· Immediate ROI

· Bleeding-Edge technology

Want to know more? Check out that webinar link!


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